Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

Learn Something From Kotoko

her name is kotoko, Aihara kotoko. a character of dorama and manga that i’ve watch.
she’s so naive, clumsy, silly and totally dumb (bwahaha).sometimes i was embarrased seing her act. no matter what she got rejected by her beloved one, irie naoki. she is never give up to get closer and win his heart. even that cold blooded guy always being mean and hurt her heart sometimes, she would always smiling to him. totally like a dumb, right?
not only about naoki, but also her dreams. she always giving her best in doing something, although at the end,she didn’t make it even after giving her best. hehehe, but that’s her charm and that way she look cute.
somehow, my friends called me ‘kotoko’. not becaused i have one-side love with boy (not girl either), or i lost my house like her. it just because they saw one of my photos in high school that had a ‘strange’ pose which they said it makes me look like kotoko. 
but i guess it’s also because of my carelessness and my ‘a bit strange’ character (hehe). anyway, i’m different with her. i do have pity on her but actually i envy her. she has something that i want badly.
that guts, i really envy her.
she just only an ordinary student, indeed she’s lower than ‘ordinary’. her IQ maybe below mine. it’s difficult to her understanding a lesson or to be able doing something, like cooking for example (she’s really a terrible chef). but even with that capability, she’s not giving up to trying and trying. always being persistent and always giving the best. i really envy her because always doing her best in all thing, even it’s hurt her so much. she won’t stop. she would fight till the end. no matter how riddiculus is that.
i really want to being like that. i got so much trouble in my life just because of my fault, just because i can’t be like her. i’m sure i can do a better than kotoko, it would easier for me to fight than her. but even so, i didn’t do a strugle as good as kotoko’s. 
i’ve to learn from her. although she just a character in viction dorama and manga, but she do taught me an important thing:
-always being persistent and always giving the best-
#i guess that’s why finally her feeling reach naoki’s heart
it’s not only about your brain, moreover it’s about effort

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