Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

July, 26th and August, 2nd 2013

Those is the day that i waiting for, haha. i thought on July, 26th i had to fight to get the best gifts.
 'i should make it!!' i thought. but at the end, i couldn't. 
do you think i regret that? hmm! ya, in some case. and that 'some case' were totally my fault. it's my dumb. but that's alright. even something that going on is not as your plan, just believe then,  the final situation which happen is the best thing to happen that time :)

so..., at least i still get my beautiful birthday with my sister and friends here. thanks for the delicious cake, thanks for the surprise,jazakumullah khoir. 
and you know, Allah still give a best gift to me, even thought it was different than i tought before but know i realize that 'that gifts' is much better for me know, hehe Alhamdulillah~
and on August, 2nd i finally made it :) thanks for all that always cheering me up. love ya!!
this is not the end, there still so much thing left. so lets continuing our fight, hamasah...!!!

the birthday cake (i'm already 22 year old now)

let's eat together....^^

 theese are the 'rillakuma dools'from AnNahl Family :D 
the white one is belong to me and the brown one is nophe's. it's surprise gifts for our 'SemHas'

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