Kamis, 20 November 2014

being me in my life

No matter what's gonna be happen in the future,
I hope there won't be anything i regret. Talking about future is like watching a fantasy movie for me. You won't be able to predict what will happen, even when you already think a lot and making some predictions. There's still many other possibility about whats happen next that u never imagine before. Yaa,, that's truly like fantasy movie, isn't it? Everything are beyond the imagination *lol (not all of course) :p

For not regretting anything, i have to do my best now. Preparing well, and...pray also. As we know that everything happen are under His permission and His control, so just do ur best let the result be His responsibility. Since His plan is always be the best plan :)
And i hope it won't be 'just a plan' for me. Come on!!! You need to take it seriously, dii...

Hhh...so that's how life is. It's more than just melodramatic, it's more than just action, more than just comedy, or even horror. Hahaha... It's complicated. Or should i called it 'completed-genre-movie'? Hehe.  This movie is still playing since 23 years ago. And it can be stop anytime. So, What kind of story that i made? Is it great? I hope it won't be a bored one even actually i have been bored with myself for keep falling in the same mistakes =( *hiks...

This main star is not bright or good enough, just the dumb one with some careless things inside herself but believe me, she always try to be a good one. Even sometimes she keep doing many mistakes, but she won't let herself keep on that mistakes forever.

She's not that good,
She's not that pretty,
She's not that smart,
She's not that bright,
She is just...an ordinary girl that always want to be a good person. And she struggle for that forever.. Inshaa Allah

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